Customer-centric Design

Our starting point is not what we deem to be the best for our clients; rather our primary consideration in our work is what our clients want. ...

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Our work's inception is our client's idea, their vision of where they want to be. But it doesn't stop there. We also put in the equation our exte...

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Every person is distinct and their distinction can also be seen even in the things they own. The same is true with the space they inhabit. Whethe...

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Most people want to stand-out. Some of them, however, overdo it and stand-out negatively. One of our goals for our clients is their distinction; ...

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Our Works
Our projects consist mostly of residential, commercial, and institutional structures which are usually neo classic, American tropical, and modern in design while coping up with the style trend and characteristic of its user.

Our residential projects, which are mostly two to three storey buildings, starts from schemes and concept that are mostly tropical in design, while modern and minimalist in approach. We often use local materials to blend with the existing environment and to introduce a homey, light and comfortable feeling to the client.
Upgrid is a full service architectural design and construction services firm.
We create innovative, durable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces for the modern Filipino. We do it through our comprehensive expertise in the field, along with one major consideration: our clients.Upgrid provides people their needs of space based on how they live, work and how the people will use it. The user always comes first when it comes to designing. The design always respect its built environment to blend. LEARN MORE
Streamlined Process

Upbeat Attitude

A vibrant and dynamic team: that’s who we are. Working full of positivity and a ‘can-do’ attitude, we make sure that every project is a challenge that builds us up as we build our client’s vision into reality.

Innovative Design

Professional Culture

We promote and practice professionalism in all our business dealings. From meetings to every project deliverable, we believe that trust is the foundation of our relationship as we work with each other and with our clients.

Genius Team

Growing and Expanding

Upgrid is a young company with a vast potential for growth. In our 9 years of professional practice and up to 90 team players, we’ve delivered outstanding residential, commercial, and institutional establishments that not only made satisfied client...

What We Do
Upgrid is an exceptional group of individuals with various expertise on architecture, engineering, and construction services. We work in synergy to bridge the gap between what the clients conceive with their minds and that vision executed and realized. With Upgrid, every step of the process is a step closer to reality.
Architectural Services
Let's put that idea in your mind onto paper. We'd like you to see with your eyes what you can see with your mind; and we'd like to do it as detailed as possible. Talk to us and let us help you!
Construction Services
Execute your plan. Turn that design into an actual townhouse or a workplace building. You have all the tools you'll need with us.
Design-Build Services
As much as possible, we don't want to leave you with only a plan. We'd be happy to carry over the consistency in the plan toward the actual construction stage as well. Let's go full circle!
Interior, Improvement, and Renovation
Give that living room a more modern touch. Or turn that unit into an efficient working space. Whether it's a minor or a major improvement, we are the team for the job.
Construction/ Design Supervision Consultancy
Just need our assistance regarding your project? We can help by providing you professional advice. We'd be glad to share our expertise with you.
Other Engineering Services
We are a full service construction services firm. If you didn't find what you were looking for, just give us a call and well guide you on any design, construction, and engineering concerns you may have.