Who We Are


A vibrant and dynamic team: that’s who we are. Working full of positivity and a ‘can-do’ attitude, we make sure that every project is a challenge that builds us up as we build our client’s vision into reality.



We promote and practice professionalism in all our business dealings. From meetings to every project deliverable, we believe that trust is the foundation of our relationship as we work with each other and with our clients.



Upgrid is a young company with a vast potential for growth. In our 9 years of professional practice and up to 90 team players, we’ve delivered outstanding residential, commercial, and institutional establishments that not only made satisfied clients, but also made us a competitive player in the industry. Indeed, our experience dramatically surpassed our years.



At the center of how we approach our work is a strong commitment to know who our client is and what our clients want. We believe that our expertise is not  the whole story but just a part of the equation.  Rather than showing our skills as the end in itself, we keep in mind that it is the means to an important goal: our client’s satisfaction.



We are innovators by nature. We translate your ideas into reality and even better. We take the current practices and trends, give it a tweak, and make it our own. We like to continually improve the current trends and our own practice as well, so as to strive to offer only the best of the best to our clients.



Upgrid thrives in diversity. Our team is a pool of exceptional people from different disciplines with extensive experiences. The result is an eclectic organization who not only sees the task at hand in every possible angle, but also comes up with the most efficient solution to approach a certain challenge in the development process.